Global oil services are 100% Afghan owned company and its operation is led by higly qualified Afghans and foreigner staff.
We have permanent offices in 6 major cities of Afghanistan.
Among us highly qualified employees.
Global Oil Services has a strong infrastructure including facilities in Kabul, Mazar, Herat and Hairatan.

We have a team of Highly Skilled and Highly educated and Experts, who are familiar with fuel operations in the areas of Lab Management, Quality Management, Supply chain process, Inventory Management, Business and Development Area Management, Fuel Management system and Vendor management.

We have Team members who are Trained and Certified by IATA, Airport Authority of Kabul International Airport for Fuel Handling.

The company is financially sound, it has no outstanding monetary litiga¬tions in anywhere in this world.

We have a long history of sound and positive performance with NATO, DLA and govern¬ment of Afghanistan and commercial clients.


The primary objective of our company is to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers at all times by continuously providing verified high quality products and services.